Welcome to Society for Materials Chemistry (SMC)

SMC is a professional scientific body founded in 2007 to promote education, research, and applications of materials chemistry among scientists and engineers in India and abroad. Since its inception, SMC is actively involved in organizing international symposia (ISMC), national workshops (NWMC) and publication of periodic SMC Bulletins. The aims and objectives of SMC are
1. To help the advancement, dissemination and application of the knowledge in the field of materials chemistry
2. To promote active interaction among all material scientists, bodies, institutions and industries interested in achieving the advancement
3. dissemination and application of the knowledge of materials chemistry
4. To disseminate information in the field of materials chemistry by publication of bulletins, reports, newsletters, journals
5. To provide a common platform to young researchers and active scientists by arranging seminars, lectures, workshops, conferences on current research topics in the area of materials chemistry
6. To provide financial and other assistance to needy deserving researchers for participation to present their work in symposia, conference, etc
7. To provide an incentive by way of cash awards to researchers for best thesis, best paper published in journal/ national/ International conferences for the advancement of materials chemistry
8. To undertake and execute all other acts as mentioned in the constitution of SMC.

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